Sedgman initially undertook a value engineering study to update the proposed Stockyard 2 (SY2) layout in line with a new direction provided by Atlas (i.e., a single northern stacking system with three stockpiles and truck loading facility) and a ±30% cost estimate accuracy.

Atlas then engaged Sedgman to carry out a review of data from previous studies and assess potential value engineering opportunities for the SY2 Stage 1, and subsequently appointed Sedgman to undertake the SY2 Stage 2 PE and provide a more accurate estimate and design maturity.

During the comprehensive review, Sedgman identified key design improvements and considerations including the rail beam design, stacker boom belt design and the stockyard capacity. It had been identified that the stockyard stacking system would require a significant level of availability and during the evaluation of existing equipment it was identified the initial offering would have been a limiting factor in the overall stacking system availability.

Sedgman’s key objectives of this study were:

·       A design for the SY2 Stage 1 Development that is safe to build, operate and maintain

·       A cost effective estimate with minimal contingency by undertaking sufficient engineering to provide confidence in the quantities and rates used

·       A practical, robust design optimising the balance between Capex and Opex

·       Innovations to Atlas to enhance the cost saving of the estimate

·       A resourced, levelled schedule providing surety of delivery for Atlas

·       An enhanced relationship with Atlas and building of a common understanding of the PE processes.

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